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  • Δέσποινα Λιμνιωτάκη, Ψυχολόγος MSc

Improving your work interior with the use of colour: Red & Orange

Red is one of the three magnetic colours. Its energy links very strongly to the earth. It is a warming colour, grounding and stimulating. It helps strengthen the whole system with life-force energy. It also helps us expand and release negativity from our system. It is considered masculine in nature as it is action-oriented and, often, aggressive. Red energises

our system and increases the flow of blood in the physical body.

Orange helps us heal emotionally from traumas of the past that have to do with repressed emotions from past relationships. It helps us come to terms with our body. It releases stagnant energy and makes us genuine of our

feelings. It also helps us reflect on the way we relate to other people, what we give to them and what we get in return.

Paint red: a passage or corridor, a kitchen or playroom.

Paint orange: a dining room, cafe or restaurant.


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