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The #BreakTheCycle campaign

Want to get involved in the healing-tree-community's campaign?

Here are some ideas that may interest you!

Let us know if there are more things you would like to do, if you have ideas of your own or would like to create and present your own project on mental health!

  • Organise a community gathering, a night with friends or an open-mic day where people from different backgrounds will have the chance to exchange stories, ideas or knowledge on the topic of mental health

  • Create a post for the social media on stereotypes and our effort to reduce/break free from them. You may use the hashtags #BreakTheCycle or #thehealingtreeproject

  • Stand by a friend who is going through a hard time

  • Do not allow members of your workgroup/class/family to respond stereotypically to the news about mental health problems. People who suffer from mental health symptoms should not be defined by them

  • Volunteer at a day-care clinic/local community center

  • Initiate discussions on mental health

  • Visit a hospital and learn more about the subject

  • Be an advocate for the #BrealTheCycle campaign (get in touch with us!)

  • Be cautious of the language you use about mental health - avoid using symptom-language as a label, an adjective or a slung word

  • Educate yourself and spread the good news to other people

  • Talk about the benefits of combining mental health with physical health efforts

  • Begin your own mental health routine

  • Remain honest about therapy - there is nothing wrong in people visiting/working with a therapist

  • Stay open to people and their differences. Embrace diversity and change

  • Spot stigmatization on media coverage of certain issues

  • Choose to live an empowered life

Let's raise our voices (and our tea cups!) against the stigma

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