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  • Δέσποινα Λιμνιωτάκη, Ψυχολόγος MSc

Improving your work interior with the use of colour: Baby Blue & Pink

A person who chooses shades of blue is one that has reached an adult age and has discovered the way to feel calm and in peace with oneself.

Blue also symbolises assurance and self-confidence.

Pink teaches a lesson of love. People attracted to pink may have to grow

emotionally and open up to feelings and new experiences. They should probably look for new ways to offer and receive unconditional love, gracefully and wholeheartedly.

Blue promotes wellness and peace with oneself. It would be good to introduce blue into the life of a pregnant woman because blue could help her both physically and spiritually, making pregnancy easier for her. For example, blue could help her fight against backache, that is so common during pregnancy. It would also keep her mind calm and prepare her psychologically to bring her child into the world, by making her more responsible and expressive of her feelings.

Blue is also the colour of hope.


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