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  • Δέσποινα Λιμνιωτάκη, Ψυχολόγος MSc

Improving your work interior with the use of colour: Green

Colours carry their own individual vibrational energy that not only influences our physical constitution, but also affects the way we think and feel. We are in need of a variety of colours to maintain internal equilibrium.

Coloured fabrics allow sunlight to penetrate our aura and skin and reach the internal organs that need colour-specific energising. Our materials affect the quality and intensity of the light that comes in and accordingly, aid or obstruct the free flow of energy that is essential to our well-being.

That is why we should be aware of the colours we surround ourselves with, at all times.

Green is the colour that holds balance and harmony between the Yin and Yang vibrations. It is a primary colour that lies at the centre of the visible spectrum and, therefore, has a medium frequency. Because it is focused directly on to the retina of the eye, it can bring about relaxation and tranquillity to the whole system. Also, being the colour of nature, green is neither hot nor cold, its vibration is neither fast nor slow, and it has a healing quality.

The heart has a sympathetic resonance with the colour green and green can be used to balance the energies of the heart and the lungs. As a result, when exposed to green we usually breathe more deeply and slowly and feel emotionally healed. A lack of green on a physical level, however, may indicate an imbalance in the physical body. Overall, green represents #wholeness, as in unification of our dual nature.


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