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House Sketch


There are many ways to actively involve yourself in the Healing Tree community

A Natural Girl

Drama Club

Plays aimed at voicing the needs and concerns of the community they are performed in



We are always in need of good help to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone

Illustrated Dream

Community cafe

Join a place where people are free to dream, plan and create meaningful experiences

Notebook Sketch


Organise book groups and readings - promote the library service within the community

Cook Collage

Soup Kitchen

Once a month we cook for the community and share food, love and stories around the table


Art & Crafts

A great way to start conversation, bond with people and remain mindful


Social Media assistance

Help us reach more people in need of support

Ringing Phone


If you are a Psychology or Social Work graduate you can be trained to help in our SOS call center

Heart Pierced with Sword

Creative Department

Join our think-tank of makers and innovators and let's plan our next campaign together!


Click also on our ethelon profile to discover more ways you can become our next volunteer!

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