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What is the Healing Tree community?

The Healing Tree community is a social co-operative business (Koin.S.Ep.), established in 2015 in Iraklion Crete. 


Following the vision of one of its founding members, the psychologist Despoina Limniotaki, the community addresses the need to end the stigma against mental health problems, helping to improve the services, to raise understanding and gather help around those who need support.

Its mission is to help create a path to mental health awareness and encourage more people to get information and education on coping with mental health issues.

The Healing Tree community offers educational programs to mental health patients and their families, to people who struggle with disadvantages or come from socially vulnerable groups. 


It also provides a common ground for conversations and presentations, a place where like-minded people meet and work on mental health awareness goals.  It exemplifies a democratic operational environment and aspires to become a shared boundary between the conventional health system and the local community.

Watch our introductory video here or read a summary (in Greek) of our first 2015-2020 years.

How can I find help inside the Healing Tree?

The Healing Tree community offers educational courses and support services in the following cases:


Psychological Support Helpdesk for mental health patients, people who suffer from various mental illness symptoms and their families.  One-to-one or group counseling and psychotherapy sessions.  Online therapy programs.  Call us on 2810286952 or write to us about the best ways we may help you.


​Career Counseling and Advising Centre with occupational resources and educational information on what it takes to succeed in your chosen area of work - to book an appointment, please contact us on 2810286952.


​Nutrition Centre: a healthy diet and lifestyle is a valuable help in preventing relapse of mental health illnesses.

Fitness Assessment & Exercise Counseling Classes for health promotion.

A Holistic Wellness Retreats section for explorers of the slow living movement and travellers.

Our very own collection of podcasts.

Furthermore, you can browse our site and blog for resources and info on what is going on around the city of Iraklion. 


You can join our seminars & workshops to develop your coping strategies, learn new life skills, build resilience and develop a positive sense of self.

How can I help?

You can work as a professional on a freelance or a volunteer basis.  We actively support mental health patients and families so your expertise and good will would be of utmost importance. 


If you want to work with us, you first have to become a member

You can present your work, organise your own workshop, submit an article, offer hands-on help or just step by to say hello (but check the timetable first!)


Everyone is welcome.

Do I have to pay to take part in activities?

You don't have to pay to volunteer at the community or to submit your own ideas and work.  Only seminars/workshops have an entrance fee but we try to keep it at the lowest minimum to help all people cover their cost. 


You only pay if you want to become a member and join a growing group of friends and colleagues who work towards mental health in the community.

Is Greek the official language inside the Healing Tree?

Most work is done in Greek and English. 


There is always someone at the Helpdesk to help you with the language even if you don't speak either. 

I live far away / abroad.  Can I still involve myself in the project?

You can follow our blog, our Facebook or Instagram accounts for daily ideas and inspiration.

There are a number of online meetups, webinars & presentations for you to join, as well.

You can submit an article, your own story or anything you would like to share with the community.

You can join our mailing list by subscribing to our newsletter.  It is free!

You could even travel to Crete for one of our Healing Tree summer retreats - that would be magical.

But most importantly, you could help by donating your own amount of money to the community and enabling more people to find the assistance and encouragement they need.

Are children allowed to participate in the Healing Tree activities?

There is a whole series of activities promoting awareness of mental health issues during childhood and adolescence.  There is a special section dedicated to activities designed for and by children. 


We have frequent book presentations and parent discussion groups on topics such as anxiety, ADHD, teenage suicide, abuse, school dropout, loss & bereavement and many more.

There is a healing tree drama club for children aged 8 - 12 and seasonal craft workshops.

Identifying, preventing and treating mental health problems in early ages is of utmost importance.

Do you still have questions?

If you browse our site and yet have more things to ask us, please feel free to do so.  We would be more than interested to write to you.  Use this link to email us and we will get back to you within the next couple of days.  Thank you.

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