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Transformative Therapy

The human being is made up of the body, the mind and the spirit but those different aspects are not necessarily united within an individual.  The higher mind acts as the binding force that unites the physical and spiritual aspects within us but in order to reach our higher mind we have to free ourselves from any obstacles that stand our way to the top.  What happens most of the times is that we are consumed by the lower mind which processes information coming from the senses.  We are so busy looking for happiness in the outer world that we forget to search inside ourselves for the answers to our worries.  We do not work our way to self realization.  To many people, completeness is something that can be found in a shop.  The more we attend to our physical needs and overlook our spiritual self, the more we suffer isolation, loneliness and depression. 

To reach self-realization, we have to work through the physical level: that means keeping an open heart, able to feel empathy, compassion and unconditional love.  It also means cultivating an open, intuitive mind.  We all have a creative side within us and once we get in touch with it again, we can feel free from hurt and pain and also feel powerful enough to initiate change.

Artwork is therapeutic, it’s a process that leads to self discovery.  When used together, colour, sound, movement and creative visualizations, have a synergizing effect, tapping into the unconscious and bringing forward emotional blocks that affect our overall wellbeing.  They also open a channel of communication within so as we can escape the cold reasoning of the lower mind and tune in to the intuitive and spontaneous energy of the higher mind.  As a result, we can discover new pathways and solutions to problems that stem from the past and from inefficient practices or habits.  Negative patterns are usually repressed so transformative therapy techniques can help us gain a deeper understanding of who we are and why we feel the way we do.  


Our Transformative Therapy Retreats will help you put things in perspective, relax and release the mind from restrictive and negative thought patterns.  They will also enable you to open up and embrace the true meaning of life. 

Activities include art & drama therapy, yoga for the creative mind, life-coaching and journaling sessions.  Ideal for both small groups and solo travellers. 

Information on our upcoming Transormative Therapy Retreats is soon to be released.

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The Success is My Choice training week

This strategic planning and leadership bootcamp is focused on giving aspiring leaders and small business owners the knowledge and the practical skills they need to build a winning brand from the ground up.


It also aims at


training, inspiring and empowering participants to lead their way to the top


helping them understand and practice the art of building their own brand


providing them with the necessary skills and tools for a successful brand campaign


encouraging networking, sharing of stories and support among participants

Topics include:


Planning, Resources & Budgeting

Identifying an Audience

Vision-Mission-Goal: Building a personal brand and boosting your presence

Community engagement / Identifying high-level opportunities to advance your brand


(Social) Media communication

Crisis Management / Stress & Coping

Do you want help in building your own corporate event?

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Detox away-weekends

Healing is not a matter of spontaneous recovery from a disease - it is a gradual process.  The healing process is helped or hindered by our readiness to change and our trust in changing.  The path to healing is not self-evident but healers can serve as a guiding light.  They can help you transform your life by teaching you to pay attention to the parts that require balance and care.  

Meditation taps on those parts of the body that suffer from energy loss or 

imbalance.  Focus activities that address the heart/mind relationship are also to be found at the center of our personalized program to help you get rid of mental clutter, start over with yourself first and become the new-you.


During this getaway, you will learn how to focus, direct the flow of energy to the right places and listen to your needs.  As a result of meditation practice, inspiration will come about naturally, emotional well-being will be taken care of and change will happen by means of a liberating experience.

The program also includes hiking excursions, healthy cooking sessions and coaching workshops.  Massage and foot reflexology treatments are offered on demand.

Want to learn more about our detox getaways?


Re-writing your Life Story

Re-Writing Your Life Story is a 7-day intensive program - based on the guide book by psychologist and creator of The Healing Tree community Despoina Limniotaki - that will help you put your life in perspective and realize your dreams.


The program gives you the tools for creative & critical thinking and incorporates activities, ideas, bittersweet truths from everyday experience plus teaches you therapeutic techniques that will inspire, motivate and slowly train you to become your own success story.


Through the Re-Writing Your Life Story program you can experiment with daily strategies such as Journaling, Planning, Assessing, Practicing Mindfulness etc. The program addresses several areas of your life: personal, business, health, relationships and many more.


It will also encourage you to embrace change, act on your wishes and be your best self.  The program’s goal is to show everyone that they can achieve anything they set their minds to and live a blissful life.

Do you want to become a member of the exclusive Re-Writing your Life Story club?

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Re-Writing Your Life Story brand new skills? 


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All our holistic wellness experiences are currently organised for you on the island of Crete

Culinary Therapy workshop:
reduce stress, gain insight while getting creative with local flavours of the Greek cuisine