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  • Δέσποινα Λιμνιωτάκη, Ψυχολόγος MSc

Improving your work interior with the use of colour: Yellow

Colours carry their own individual vibrational energy that not only influences our physical constitution, but also affects the way we think and feel.

We are in need of a variety of colours to maintain internal equilibrium.

The colours we consistently wear affect our mood and give us information on our personality traits, likes, dislikes and our interests.

Moreover, the colours we are drawn to, communicate our personal preferences and our idiosyncrasy.

Yellow is mentally stimulating (yang energy). It is a warming, magnetic colour that is grounding and helps us strengthen our whole system with life force energy. It helps us expand and release negativity from our system. Also, because it resembles natural sunlight, yellow strengthens the nervous system, boosts metabolism and helps against skin irritations. However, when in excess, yellow can bring mental tiredness and indicate a need for relaxation.


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