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  • Δέσποινα Λιμνιωτάκη, Ψυχολόγος MSc

Listen to your heart

For some people, travelling feels less like sightseeing and more like engaging with a place, culture or program of activities around a topic of interest. Immersion travelling, the idea that one can be a participant rather than an observer, has gained in popularity and has created thousands of experience-based choices for the contemporary discoverer. But the word “experience” does not necessarily mean high risk behavior for adrenaline junkies. Instead, it is about nourishing the soul and making meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. And that does not have to be expensive, unique or so-called “authentic”: just close to the way people would like to see themselves, a taste of “what would happen if I listened to my heart for a change”. That is why solo traveling is in itself a chance on strength, resilience and perseverance: a true adventure of the mind and the spirit.

Experiences can also be intense in an esoteric way. Creative writing retreats, mental health workshops or wellness get-aways in focused environments, allow participants to quietly thrive and receive personalized care. You can start on your own but meet fellow travellers. You can be eclectic but also combine, reach out or share. The important thing is to free yourself from preconceived questions about how a perfect solo trip should be.

Self discovery is the ultimate answer.


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