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  • Δέσποινα Λιμνιωτάκη

Solo Female Traveling: is it the next best trend?

Wanderlust in a post-pandemic era has become a dream and a crave: being worry-free to explore, visit and experience the world again, can only seem cathartic after so much pain and constraint. The COVID19 prevalence made use of all our coping mechanisms and skills – we learned how to psychologically survive, make sense of novel situations, declutter our inner and outer space and take care of our nearest and dearest. This has been a journey in itself, albeit an esoteric one. But now we feel like escaping on our own terms. Traveling appears to be one the most obvious answers to the question of the first thing that comes to mind as a future plan. Is it time yet?

The sure thing is that traveling trends, decisions and choices will not be left unaffected by our latest collective experience. But although most people cannot yet narrow down their list on the places they want to find themselves vacationing in the future, travel experts, bloggers and coaches already know that the pandemic will have us consider more conscious, true-to-the-heart pathways: it is not the “where” but the “how” that is going to be adapted to safer, more responsible and more sustainable change. And solo traveling, having reached a 18% of global bookings in the past (source: Travelport), can again be identified as a key trend for three, premium reasons: a) for the need to embrace more challenges while personal distancing, b) for its transformative nature and c) because of the knowledge that one is in control of their own fate, schedule and budget.

For women, traveling solo is more than taking a trip. More and more stories of courageous women that took up the opportunity, offer an inspirational alternative to the misconceptions people hold about setting off on your own. The freedom, the choices and the road ahead, comprise a pilgrimage. The ritual of preparing oneself to face both the unknown and their fears, resembles the passage to a newly defined maturity. For them, solo travelling has been a liberating experience.

We will be returning to solo traveling for more information, ideas and tips on how to make the best of such a decision. Stay tuned and stay true to your passions and dreams.


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