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An ethical committee on Digital Marketing: the interview with Zhulieta Mandazhieva

It is of great pleasure that, today, in our #ConversationsWithFriends series, we feature an interview with Zhulieta Mandazhieva, an Attorney at Law and former member at the IT and e-government commission at the Bulgarian Parliament.

Q.: Zhulieta, tell us a few things about your work at the Digital Rights organization and the Ethical Committee on Digital Marketing.

A.: I am an attorney and a partner at a local law firm busy with technology and platform law. I cover the data protection and technology law issues at Digital Republic which is an NGO focusing on freedom of information, net neutrality and the promotion of human-centred technologies. I was a member at the IT and e-government commission at the Bulgarian Parliament which was dissolved in August this year. I hope to be included in the next. We oversee the legislative proposals for technology and e-gov-related laws from the perspective of the non-governmental sector there.

Q.: What are the challenges that you face in the organization?

A.: Personally, a few. I am quite comfortable with my work and reputation as an expert. Our country however is facing a lot of challenges related to a demographic landslide, corruption and the penetration of Russian influence which undermines the institutional framework and injects instability in the Bulgarian democracy which is not consolidated.

Q.: What are the most important things that you would like people to know about the organization?

A.: That there are great professionals there who can contribute to putting Bulgaria on the map of technology.

Q.: What is your own personal approach to leadership and bringing about change?

A.: I am persistent and I try to speak for the best interests of the majority and not out of a desire for a personal advancement for best results. Most of the time this approach works well. I make every effort to be respectful with genuine opponents but I have little patience with trolls and propaganda.

Q.: Can empathy be a successful way for people to explore their inner self as well?

A.: I suppose so.

Q.: What advice would you give to the women that would like to try some of the things you do?

A.: Be patient; it is not always easy or even possible to bear with everyone or even yourself. When you are tired – rest, recuperate and meet with friends. But do not give up.

Q.: What will your next project be?

A.: Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe teaching – to students or carrying our vocational trainings. I started doing more of this lately and I enjoy it quite a lot. I also enjoy writing on professional topics.

Q.: Name one thing that you want to do but haven’t done yet.

A.: I would like to visit the Greek islands

Q.: Where can we find you?

A.: On Twitter

On LinkedIn, following the link:

And my professional site can be found here

Thank you.


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